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Imagine Life without Your Spouse

When seeking to appreciate your spouse, you may look for the things they have added to your life. Maybe you think about the way your spouse spoils you with good food. Or surprises you with gifts. Perhaps you reflect on the first day you met. Or a meaningful date night. Or you could just appreciate […]

Be Brave: Don’t Walk Away, Acknowledge Your Feelings

Conflict is a natural, normal part of any relationship. Yes, even happy, healthy ones. This is sometimes hard for people to accept. Many of us grow up believing the myth of “happily ever after.” Two people truly in love, who build a relationship with perfect harmony forevermore with little to no effort. But the reality […]

Change the Way You Think about Your Partner for Greater Happiness

When you begin a relationship, everything is new and exciting. It is a beautiful time full of discovery and new experiences. You are learning about one another. You might be trying out new hobbies and pastimes that the other person enjoys. You might be going out together to new restaurants, movies, and other special events. […]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep to Help Your Relationship (and Your Health)

It started out with a simple discussion. But right from the beginning, both of you were short with each other. And it just escalated. Then that blowout seemed to lead to another… and another… Now things have gotten so bad, so quickly that you feel like you need a professional to help your relationship. Take […]

How to Let Go of “Being Right”

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse about some small, inconsequential detail? Maybe you are convinced that a shirt is black – not blue. Or he thinks you ordered coffee the last time you visited a restaurant, and you remember drinking tea. In the middle of the fight, you may even have a […]

Are You Stuck in a Pattern? Break Free!

It’s far too easy to get stuck in unhealthy patterns. The busy, stressed-out pace of modern life – along with deeply ingrained childhood habits – can trip you and your spouse up. It’s easy to fall into relational ruts when you aren’t engaged in problem-solving. Here are some suggestions for breaking free from toxic patterns […]

Why You Have to Maintain Emotional Intimacy

What is emotional intimacy? It’s when two partners feel safe sharing their innermost thoughts and emotions with each other. These intimate thoughts are usually kept from the eyes of the outside world, but shared within a close relationship. Emotional intimacy begins when one person takes a risk by sharing themselves. They do so because they […]

Wishing You a Happy New Year! I’ll Be Back on Oct. 17th.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and blessed holidays! Due to the holidays, I will take a break from my blog, but I’ll be back on October 17th with more tips and ideas about how to strengthen your relationship. Shanah tovah! Sara Freed

Show Your Love By Having Fun Together

When life feels either stressful or mundane, it’s easy to lose sight of what first attracted you to someone. We all experience these types of feelings from time to time. Making time for fun activities can breathe life back into your relationship. It can teach you to appreciate one another more. Here are several ways […]

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Why It’s Important to Communicate What Bothers You

In a recent post, I wrote about why people need to make sacrifices in relationships. That when you have a partner, it’s important to be willing to give up some of your autonomy in order to make them happier – and vice versa. But you do not want to simply give in to behaviors, preferences, […]