Marital Advice: Share Appreciations and Admirations

When you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long time, it’s easy to take your partner for granted. Not that you want to take them for granted, but it just happens. We get into a routine. We get comfortable. And because of this we don’t tell our partner how much we love, value, […]

Marriage Advice: Say My Name

A person’s name is the most important word in the world to them. It connects you to your identity. You could be in a chaotic crowd, but if someone were to say your name, even from a distance, you would turn your head toward the familiar sound – even if they weren’t talking to you! […]

Marriage Troubles: Diagnosing a Spouse

More often than not, upon an initial consultation with a client, I hear some of the following remarks: My spouse has OCD. My spouse has ADD. My spouse is manic-depressive. My spouse is bipolar. And the list goes on and on. When I first began working with couples, the husband and the wife would each […]

Couples Therapy: You Need to Know Each Other

Confronting the problems in your marriage and working through them – together – is the key to making any marriage work. And one of the major issues in a marriage, something that neither spouse might even realize, is not really knowing their partner. You need to know each other. Plain and simple. I touched on […]

The Invisible Space between Action and Reaction Can Fix Your Marriage

Too often during counseling sessions, I hear married couples make the same kinds of statements: “He made me do it!” or “She caused me to behave that way!” These exclamations are fairly common. And you have probably made your own similar statements to a close friend or family member, venting about your spouse. We don’t […]

Marriage Questions: What Do Surrendering and Forgiveness Have in Common?

Sometimes when we are married, we have to do things we don’t always want to do. We do these things because we love our partner and we know which battles are worth fighting. Often we try and try and try to get our spouse to CHANGE, but we need to realize – sooner than later […]

Why Change Will Save Your Marriage

Many of us will stay stuck in a belief or habitual behavior even if we know our spouse resents it. Even if our spouse consistently expresses that resentment. We are too arrogant or stubborn to admit “a problem.” Or to simply please our spouse and CHANGE. Why change? Because it can save your marriage. Now […]

Hope vs. Expectation

Do you know the difference between a hope and an expectation? Most people would probably say yes. Hope is when you want something to happen, while expectation is when you, well, expect it to happen. But hopes and expectations are more similar than many of us realize. They both involve us having a desire that […]

NYC Marital Coach

Fish Love or Real Love? A NYC Marital Coach on the Power of Giving

We all say we “love” lots of things. “I love that TV show!” “I love Starbucks!” “I love the Yankees!” But what we really mean is that we have strong feelings about something because it fulfills a need that we have. In the eloquent video below, well-known author and Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski uses the […]

How to Save a Marriage: Why Me First?

Sometimes when I am approached about a troubled relationship, there’s only one person doing the approaching. They feel like things are going wrong, but their partner either doesn’t seem to notice or isn’t willing to try to fix things. Invariably, this leads them to two questions: Is it worth working on a relationship if you’re […]