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Certified Jewish Divorce Coach

Already Divorced?

Define your desired future. Make it happen.

As a frum Jewish divorcée (now happily remarried!), I understand the unique challenges you face – from community expectations and pressure to your own self-doubt and insecurities. Divorce is never an easy process, but it’s particularly complicated for those in our community.

As the Talmud reflects, “Even God sheds tears when a couple divorces.”  First, you’ll have to deal with your own emotions about what’s happened, but then you must move past your sadness, disappointment, and anger to rebuild yourself and your family.

That’s where I come in.

The help you need to get your life back on track.

As a Certified Jewish Divorce Coach, I’ve learned proven methods and techniques to help individuals who are grappling with every stage—from “should I?” to starting anew. I’ll help you to analyze what went wrong in your marriage, approach dating again with the right skills, and co-parent peacefully with your ex-spouse.

It may seem impossible now, but you can come out of this a stronger, happier person and find love in a mutually satisfying second marriage in the future. I did, and I can show you how.

Let me help you on your journey.
Contact me for a free consultation.

Sara Freed, Certified  Jewish Divorce Coach 

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