Come to an agreement in private.
Before Beth Din. Before civil court.

Going through a divorce can be hard. For most people, compromising on all of the necessary issues – property division, alimony, custody, child support, and so on – becomes a draining emotional battle.

If you have this battle in front of the Beth Din and in civil court, you’ll be airing all your dirty laundry in public. You’ll go through all of the stress, pain, and bitter frustration in front of friends and family members. In front of your kids. All while paying the often exorbitant fees of lawyers.

I offer a different route: divorce mediation.

The Benefits of Opting for Mediation

  • Privacy. Instead of public litigation, you and your spouse meet privately with me to hammer out an agreement both of you can accept. This not only protects you and saves you from embarrassment; it keeps your children from having to endure it as well.
  • Evenhandedness. When each of you hire a separate divorce lawyer, both of those lawyers will be working hard to “win,” because the more you get, the more they can charge. My job is to help you find common ground and reach an agreement, so everyone wins.
  • Flexibility. Mediation can occur with both of you present at the same time. Or, if you have trouble being around each other, I’m happy to meet with each of you individually. We’ll talk about what you want, take that information to your spouse, and keep going back and forth until an agreement is in place.
  • Understanding. I’m a frum Jewish divorcée myself (now happily remarried!), so I understand the unique pressures and expectations of our community. I know what you’re going through. I’ve experienced the self-doubt. I’ve worked through the insecurity. And I know how to help you through it, too – all while coming up with a divorce agreement you can both accept.
  • Savings. Simply put, it’s less expensive to work out your differences with my help than it is to hire lawyers or have to make multiple Beth Din appearances. I charge a flat fee, so you won’t be surprised by the bill, and I have no desire to drag the process out longer than necessary.

After you come to an agreement, we’ll bring a lawyer in to draft the legal documents. You’ll only have to appear in Beth Din one time – to execute the GET and sign off on the civil divorce documents simultaneously.

For many couples, divorce mediation is best way to handle things and move forward. If you’re still unsure, I’m happy to discuss your specific situation. Give me a call and we’ll set up a free consultation.

Sara Freed, Jewish Divorce Mediator