Save This Marriage - Are You Open to Change?

Can We Save This Marriage?

Find a way to stay together and build a strong marriage and happy home.

This coaching package is designed for couples on the brink and wondering, “Is there hope?”

Most couples don’t want to divorce—but they don’t see a future where it’s possible to stay together and be happy. Even if only one of you wants to fight to stay married, it’s possible to inspire the other spouse to commit to working it out. The key is showing them that there is hope, and things can change.

If you’re confronting this quandary, it pays to come in and explore. Your marriage and your happiness are worth it. Together, we will identify where you are stuck. Then we will learn how to get unstuck and build a relationship based on mutual satisfaction, respect, and love.

Move forward together.
Contact me for a free consultation.

Sara Freed, Couples Counseling, Monsey, NY

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