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Fish Love or Real Love? A NYC Marital Coach on the Power of Giving

We all say we “love” lots of things. “I love that TV show!” “I love Starbucks!” “I love the Yankees!” But what we really mean is that we have strong feelings about something because it fulfills a need that we have. In the eloquent video below, well-known author and Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski uses the […]

How to Save a Marriage: Why Me First?

Sometimes when I am approached about a troubled relationship, there’s only one person doing the approaching. They feel like things are going wrong, but their partner either doesn’t seem to notice or isn’t willing to try to fix things. Invariably, this leads them to two questions: Is it worth working on a relationship if you’re […]

Happy marriage and family

Marriage and Family: What Children Can Learn from Happily Married Parents

As parents, we are here to teach and guide our children as they grow up. We impart wisdom and morals. And we hope our kids will take what they learn from us and apply it in their own lives. But we also teach by example. In fact, this may be the most powerful form of […]