Certified Divorce Coach for Jewish Families - Co-Parenting with Your Ex

Co-Parenting with Your Ex

Put your kids first.

With three children in my first marriage, developing a successful co-parenting relationship was my top priority after my divorce. By utilizing the communication tools I’ll teach you, my ex-husband and I achieved it.

The key is having your children’s emotional health in mind first and foremost. You can’t get bogged down in individual arguments. Either those based on issues held over from your marriage, or on new problems that arise, such as a late child support payment. That may seem impossible when you are coping with your own internal struggles. But it can be done.

Life experience is the best teacher. I don’t just tell you what to do. I’ve done it myself.

I’ll help you develop the skills you need to communicate well with your ex-spouse for your children’s benefit.

Build a healthy, sustainable co-parenting relationship.

Contact me now for a free consultation.

Sara Freed, Certified Divorce Coach for Jewish Families

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