Jewish Couple Dating Again

Dating Again

Find love and happiness – and keep it for the long-term.

I know from experience just how terrifying it can be to enter the dating world again after a divorce, particularly as a member of the Orthodox Jewish community.

I’ll help you to “date with your eyes wide open,” providing you with guidance as you find the right person, and then helping you to be open with this new partner.

In order to find a happy, loving relationship that lasts, you need relationship education that provides the right tools for communicating and connecting. Many people make the mistake of assuming they’ll just know this instinctively. But the truth is you need to learn it. I’ll share concepts that will reveal a new way to approach your relationships, handle conflict, and understand your partner’s needs.

You’ll put in the work needed to do it right before you commit again.

Get ready for your next marriage.

Contact me for a free consultation.

Couples Counseling in Monsey, NY – Sara Freed

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