Dating & Pre-Marital

Dating & Pre-MaritalDate with Your Eyes Wide Open

Whether you’re single, dating, or engaged, you can benefit from relationship education.

Everyone needs to learn how to communicate and connect with their partner. The earlier you learn these tools, the more likely you are to build a happy, loving relationship that lasts.

Many people assume this connection will just come instinctively. Their love is enough. But in reality, we all need to learn it.

Work with me to learn how to:

  • Approach relationships in a new, healthier way
  • Handle conflicts in a way that strengthens your connection
  • Understand and meet your partner’s needs
  • Communicate about your own needs

Put in the work now – and benefit for the long-term.

Contact me for a free consultation. I offer pre-marital counseling for all couples, but I specialize in pre-marital counseling for observant and orthodox Jewish couples.