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What’s the difference between couples coaching and therapy?

Unlike in therapy, we don’t waste time psychoanalyzing the past. Coaching is solutions-oriented. We focus all our energy on changing things for the better – today. The goal is to recognize problems, find solutions, and then put them into practice immediately.

I’ve already been to marriage counseling, but it didn’t help. How would it be different this time?

I’m uniquely qualified to help you because I’ve been where you are today and come out of it with a strong, happy marriage by learning the exact skills I’ll teach you. Also, I am not limited to just one relationship counseling method but instead have training in several schools of thought. This allows me to draw on techniques best suited for your situation and those I’ve found to be the most helpful for myself and my clients.

How many sessions of couples or individual coaching will it take?

Most couples notice a tremendous difference after just 6 to 8 weekly sessions. From there, we typically check in every 1 to 2 weeks or so – until you feel confident it’s not necessary anymore. My goal is to give you the “wings to fly” entirely on your own. After all, I won’t be moving in with you!

What if my partner isn’t interested or willing to participate in couples coaching?

I know the saying is, “It takes two to tango.” But the truth is someone has to be first. Your spouse will eventually join the dance. Why? Because I’ll give you the tools to start changing things – even on your own. Your spouse will naturally get curious and want to join in.

How much do your charge for your couples and individual coaching services?

I have various options available. Schedule your free consultation, and let’s figure out the solution best suited for you.

Sara Freed, Marriage Counseling in Monsey, NY

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