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Fix Your Marriage

Stop the pain or simply co-existing. Start enjoying a great marriage.

Every couple encounters problems – whether it’s dissatisfaction, boredom, or constant fighting.

It doesn’t mean that you aren’t meant for one another: divorce is not the only option.

It doesn’t mean that you must resign yourself to a miserable marriage: you are not beyond help.

What it does mean is that you currently lack the necessary relationship skills to move forward together.

Building and maintaining a happy marriage is work.

But forget working hard – let’s work smart!

In couples or individual relationship coaching, we’ll boil it down to: what’s the issue, and what’s the solution?

I draw from proven relationship coaching techniques, couples counseling methods, and the wisdom of Judaism to provide you with the tools you need. You’ll not only overcome your current problems, but build a relationship based on mutual satisfaction, respect, and love.

A great marriage is possible. Let me help you achieve it.

Contact me for a free consultation.

Sara Freed, Monsey NY Couples Coach 

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