My Daughter Is Engaged!

February 15, 2015

Mazal Tov!

My daughter is engaged!

Being a Relationship coach and certified divorce coach is a profession I greatly enjoy since I love helping others knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel once one finds the right guidance and help.

Having been through divorce, a failed brief second marriage, and finally finding a soul mate and in a stable marriage I know the pain through it all. However, finding myself coaching none other than my very own daughter through a failed marriage and subsequently divorce, through being a single parent and co-parenting without conflict, through dating and thank g-d her engagement has by far been the most moving experience in my life.

I am so very proud of my daughter. She is a product of a divorced home and has risen above many challenges throughout her childhood and adulthood. She gracefully maneuvered her school years and all teenage challenges which come along with it. She handled her life between two homes, which primarily meant visitation with her father once a week and on holidays with utmost respect. She managed to have many friends, lofty goals in terms of becoming a teacher which she refused to relent on even when opportunities seemed slim and she persevered, thus becoming an outstanding teacher and now in demand in many local schools. Ultimately she got engaged at the young age of 18 ½ to a young man who was recommended to her through the standard shidduch process. Alas, it quickly became apparent immediately after her wedding that the guy she married was miles away from her in all aspects related to spirituality, and family life goals. In spite of all efforts at making it work, seeking help by various therapists, it was obvious that this is a union better off severing! She was expecting her first child and thus tried and tried yet about a month after her son’s birth they both decided to call it quits. She struggled through a painful year of negotiating the divorce and ultimately obtained her GET and freedom when her son was 15 months old!

It’s now been 6 months since her divorce and she seems to have found a most charming young man and hopefully a bright future! Coaching her has been challenging and exciting at the same time. We dealt with all aspects of marriage and relationships during her yearlong marriage. We dealt with all aspects of divorce as she maneuvered that process dealing with the Beit Din, Jewish halachic representatives, and legal aspects. We dealt with co-parenting issues and continue to do so. We dealt with dating and re-marriage issues. And I am so very glad to have had and continue to have the opportunity to coach such a sweet client who is receptive, and grateful as she implements new skills in the pattern of life with the hopes of leading life as an honest happy young adult – and someone who I can proudly call DAUGHTER first and client a remote second!

So, Mazel Tov dear daughter! May we share many happy healthy years together as we continue to grow and learn from each other! And to all my readers out there; there is light at the end of the tunnel; I look forward to helping each and every one of you toward a happy and fulfilled life and guiding you through whichever stage you find yourself in.

Sara Freed

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