Podcast Episode on Divorce Buddy: Can You Save Your Marriage?

Podcasting is the new radio. And I’m excited to announce that I am featured in the first episode of the Kids First! podcast for Putting Kids First in Divorce, the book I recently co-authored.

In my podcast episode, “Can You Save Your Marriage?” I discuss my book chapter “How to Work on Your Marriage When It No Longer Works.”

Too often when couples struggle in their marriage, their first – and sometimes only – solution is to get a divorce. But divorce is just one of many options. The biggest question these couples should be asking themselves is, “Can this marriage be saved?”

Because a surprising amount of marriages CAN be saved!

If couples want to save their marriage, I provide proven strategies and techniques to help couples attempt to rebuild their marriage and work through their issues to make their relationship and marriage better than ever.

There are certainly some marriages that can’t be saved for a number of reasons. But we can still learn something from these experiences. That’s why, in the wake of a divorce, I also offer advice on what someone should take away from their previous failed marriage – so they don’t make the same mistakes a second time around in a new relationship.

But that’s not all I discuss in the first episode of the Kids First! podcast.  You will also learn about:

  • What constitutes a healthy marriage
  • How to love and appreciate your spouse on a regular basis
  • How to heal, recover, and forgive
  • Protecting your children while managing conflict
  • Finding the right coach or therapist for YOU
  • And more!

So take some time today to give my Kids First! a listen and see if you can learn something to help save your marriage.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed

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