What Do You Do?

This question is almost always bound to come up at some point if you are meeting strangers say at an Event, be it family, friends, or work related. It will also almost always arise on a plane ride if you happen to be sitting near strangers other than family.

On the plane on the way to Israel naturally, this question came up! And boy was I glad it did~ you see, I am very passionate about what I do. I’m a certified coach specializing in the dynamics of family relationships and as a certified Jewish Family Coach I was naturally surrounded by my target audience. Let me explain.

My husband decided this past Sunday to surprise me/us with a mid-winter vacation to Israel. He also mentioned that a Rabbi he greatly admires will be in Israel during the duration of our stay which was another incentive for him to choose Israel as our destination. He was hoping to join various group activities planned for over 1500 men joining from various World destinations and a couple of hundred woman. So, our flight naturally was dominantly 80% Frum Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn, hailing from where we were.

Since we booked last minute, we couldn’t get confirmed seating next to each other. I found myself seated in the center row. Sandwiched between 2 lovely women. One was in her mid-60’s and the other one was in her high 40’s sitting near her husband on the other side of me.

As I detailed the work I do with singles dating second time around; with married couples finding themselves at odds with their spouses and seeking help; with divorcing or divorced spouses and children in the mix of it, I suddenly found a gathering audience surrounding us! At first I was pretty baffled as I was uncomfortable thinking perhaps I spoke too loudly? But then I realized the true reason; RELATIONSHIPS and issues surrounding it is a common concern for all who find themselves in one, out of one, or entering one. Everyone is eager for sane advice. We all can use guidance and tips on how to make our relationships healthier and better. Be it in the dating stage, married stage or unfortunately in a divorced state.

The good news is that I’ve combed numerous books over the years and have developed sound tips based on my own personal life experiences and advice I found definitely works, which I gleaned from experts World Wide. Be sure to be on the lookout for my free tips which I will gladly share with you all. I know that my fellow passengers liked what they heard since I was asked for my contact information right then and there and the requests kept pouring in as I was standing near the turnstile awaiting my luggage upon arrival. Word sure travels fast!

So, “what do you do?”

Sara Freed

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