The Power of Authenticity: Share Who You Are to Strengthen Your Connection

Strengthen your relationshipThere is one word that never seems to go away during relationship counseling: communication.

Sometimes it feels like the only word that exists in relationship counseling. Good communication is the central solution for struggling relationships. If you master it, you can navigate any problem. You can truly achieve marital bliss.

However, consider this: a recent study showed that, although more-satisfied couples communicate better, good communication does not necessarily predict relationship satisfaction.

Why? Because it is also important that your communication is authentic. Happy couples engage each other emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Studies bear this out: people who are truthful about themselves experience more relationship intimacy and well-being.

So while you are learning the tools and techniques to help you communicate more effectively, it is also important to ensure you are communicating who you truly are.

Strengthen Your Relationship: What Authenticity Looks Like

We are committed to our partners, day and night, year after year. When our relationship is celebrated and secured through the sacred bond of marriage, we recognize our two beings, hearts and souls, becoming one. But we also must understand ourselves apart from our partner to let them into our world.

When you are bonded to a partner for life, you cannot hide who you are. Insecurities, confusion, or unrealistic expectations can make it easy for us to strive to be someone else or not accept who we are.

When we fail to accept ourselves, we fail to accept the tools and powers we have to grow our relationships. Marriages and partnerships come to a standstill when either partner isn’t communicating their authentic self.

Here is what that means on a practical level:

Be open with your partner. This means letting go of your inhibitions and defensiveness. It also means acknowledging your reluctance to reveal parts of yourself to your partner.

And allow your partner to be open with you. Be receptive to their reality, feelings, wishes, desire, fears, and differences. Encourage your partner to truly express him or herself.

This is work that both you and your partner must commit to for marital bliss. Dig deep within yourself. Accept things that you may have separated yourself from in the past. Be brave, and be honest with your partner.

If you do this, you’ll find the true beauty of having a loving partner. You’ll have a partner that loves you for your authentic self, and together you can bring your true selves to the light. Build and accept each other for your true selves, and everything else will begin to fall in line.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed

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