Why You Should Revisit Old Happy Memories Together

Maybe you and your partner have built a lovely home, raised beautiful children, or spent many years together. When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s likely that you’ve done so much as a couple that you can’t remember everything that happened between the moment you first met and today.

Revisiting (or even reliving) these moments of love can be very beneficial to your relationship. Not only is it fun – you’ll probably get a good laugh (or cry) from these moments – they can also provide valuable lessons moving forward.

New York Marriage Coach on When to Revisit Old Happy Memories

Often we are told during a rough patch that we should remember why we fell in love in the first place.

The changes that life brings, the passing of time, and the everyday conflicts that come with married life can often overshadow the passion and love you feel for each other. Take a trip down memory lane to a time where those feelings existed on the surface of your interactions with each other can be incredibly beneficial – whether you are facing relationship trouble or not.

Every once and a while, it is healthy to take out old photo albums, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and so on, and revisit the memories you had from when you first started dating.

You’ll be surprised with the memories that you’ve forgotten: your favorite date spots, silly inside jokes, and more. Even revisiting old, silly conflicts may give the two of you a good laugh.

Something Old, Something New

You can also learn a lot from revisiting these memories. Sure, the past is the past, but memories can remind you of the things that made you happy so that you can find ways to incorporate them into your relationship going forward.

Look at the places you went with your partner and the things you did for them. What behaviors did you exhibit that your partner really appreciated? What did you tell your partner when they were upset?

Growing and changing is a part of life and of being in a lifelong marriage. But if you simply forgot about the positive behaviors you exhibited and good things you did for your partner, it is still possible to bring these back.

Try using the behaviors and little things you used to use to impress your partner or show your love for them. It is very likely that they will still appreciate them like they did in the old days.

I hope that you and your partner can enjoy a relationship that is full of love and fun like it was when you first met.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed


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