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A Powerful Tool to Help You Get Through Conflicts

Brooklyn relationship coachWords are powerful.

During a fight with your partner, their words may hurt you immensely and stick in your mind for hours, days, or even weeks. And your words have equal power to do harm to your partner.

But you can also harness the power of words for good.

You can use words to get through conflict in a healthier way. They can provide strength during hard times. One way to do this is through a mantra.

If you are unfamiliar with mantras, this idea may seem strange. Mantras are often associated with prayer or meditation, but they do not have to involve those things.

At its most basic, a mantra is just a short phrase that reflects a goal or an intention. The idea is that it keeps you focused and concentrated on that goal or intention. On the present moment.

This is especially important when we are faced with a conflict. Our emotions tempt us to dig up unresolved feelings from the past. Or to be anxious about the future.

But the best way to face the conflict at hand is to remain calm and present. That’s what mantras can bring us.

So how do we choose a mantra?

For something to be a mantra, it just needs to be repeated in times where you need focus. A mantra should be something simple. (After all, it is meant to be repeated over and over again!) And it should resonate with you, make you feel relaxed, and help you overcome your specific struggles.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Be understanding.”
  • “Accept influence.”
  • “Work as a team.”
  • “Let it go.”
  • “Listen first.”
  • “Be curious, not furious.”
  • “Be honest, but be kind.”
  • “Let go of your ego.”
  • “Relax.”

Easy, right? It provides a simple reminder of how you can move forward with conflict resolution. When you find yourself struggling, you can repeat the phrase in your mind as a reminder of your intention. It can help you to get back on track.

Find a mantra that reflects something you are trying to achieve. Or – even better – something that you and your partner are trying to achieve together.

One of the wonderful things about mantras is that they are personal. There is no specific set of words that makes a particular mantra work better than others.

A mantra’s effectiveness all depends on how it makes you feel.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed

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