Real Love Starts with You

Searching for a real, deep, passionate love? Look to yourself first.

We are often so focused on how we interact within our relationship that we forget to think about our love for and relationship with ourselves. This love provides a necessary basis for any external relationships.

When you are exploring your relationship with your partner, ask yourself the following questions.

How are you expressing your love for your partner? How are you expressing your love for yourself? Are the two connected? Do you make loving yourself a priority?

Giving Love to Others Creates More Opportunities to Receive Love

Simply put, the more love you give, the more love you get.

Even when we are expressing love for ourselves, we become more open to love from others. You have the power to start a big movement or flow of love; you just have to begin by putting love out into the world.

“Love Yourself First, So You Know What You Deserve.”

This quote can really hit close to home for people who have suffered any kind of abuse in a relationship.

When we do not love ourselves, it can be hard to search for a partner that treats us well. In fact, a partner who truly loves us can make us feel uncomfortable or questionable.

When we love ourselves, we open the doors for the deepest, most unconditional love from anyone who wants to share our love for ourselves. This is the kind of love that we deserve in relationships.

Loving Yourself Helps You Find Ways to Love Your Partner

When you focus on your positive qualities, you are more likely to recognize how you can take advantage and use your personal gifts with others.

For example, through self-love and working on your relationship with yourself, you discover your abilities to provide nurture and care to others. Recognizing this trait allows you to harness these skills when your partner is in need of some care and nurturing love.

Knowing and loving your best traits will help you be your best self and best fulfill your role as a partner.

Loving Yourself Gives You the Strength to Love Unconditionally

Loving someone is a brave act. It puts you in a position where you can be hurt It makes you vulnerable.

And that bravery becomes harder if you don’t already feel loved by yourself. If you are constantly asking your partner (through words and action), am I lovable? Am I worthy of your love? It is difficult to truly give of yourself when you are constantly seeking validation from your partner.

So know this. You are lovable. You are worthy of love. Be brave! Love with all your heart. Give all you can. It is truly the only way to love.

Make a Change!

If you struggle with self-love, recognition of the problem is the first step. Work with a relationship coach to help you overcome it and find the real love you deserve.

Let’s start this New Year off by beginning a journey to a never-ending self-love.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed

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