Show Your Love By Having Fun Together

When life feels either stressful or mundane, it’s easy to lose sight of what first attracted you to someone. We all experience these types of feelings from time to time.

Making time for fun activities can breathe life back into your relationship. It can teach you to appreciate one another more.

Here are several ways you can have fun together as a couple.

Get romantic

It may be a while since you flirted with your partner. Why not give it a try to bring romance and fun back into your relationship?

Romance stirs passion, and physical intimacy promotes good brain chemistry. The feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin flood your system when you are physically intimate. Hold hands. Cuddle. Kiss.

Choose whatever romantic prompts you like (flowers, lingerie, perfume, cologne), and have fun like you did when you were first dating.

Go shopping

Whether you purchase items or simply window-shop, the act of shopping together can be a fun experience. Visit a different town or borough and stroll through a shopping district, taking in the sights and sounds.

Split up and buy each other a gift, then reunite over coffee or dessert. Show mutual respect by visiting stores that interest only one of you, and return the favor for your partner.

Try sports

Some of you may have fun actually playing sports together. Others may prefer simply watching a sporting event and not participating. Whatever you prefer, you can find fun and connection when you enjoy sports together as a couple. The excitement of the game will spill over into how you feel about one another.

Play games

What was your favorite board game as a child? Try a game night with your spouse, using both of your favorites.

If you grew up playing video games, try a video game night instead. Be prepared for lots of fun to erupt from your friendly competition!

Explore new eating experiences

It’s fun to try new cuisines together. On your next date night, visit a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Visit a winery or brewery if you enjoy tasting new drinks. It’s also fun to simply go out for dessert or breakfast.

Or you could cook a new recipe together. Sharing food is always a good way to form a closer bond.

Start socializing

Depending on your personalities, you may have more fun by adding friends into the mix. Choose friends who you can laugh with and who will support you.

You’ll also encourage them to bond more closely as you bring fun into their lives!

Take a class

You will learn something new and gain closeness by attending classes together. Sign up for whatever suits your tastes: classes on cooking, woodworking, photography, or ballroom dancing, just to name a few.

Be volunteers

When you volunteer together, you get the double benefit of bonding more closely while you enjoy the feeling of helping others. Choose a volunteer activity you both enjoy and make a date out of it.

Let yourselves relax

In our fast-paced culture, almost everyone could use a day to rest. Book a couples’ massage or plan a quiet day at home with movies and comfort food. If you can get away for a quick trip, plan a day in the woods or a trip to the beach or the lake.

Enjoy the slow pace with your partner and savor quiet moments together.

Remember, fun creates a positive effect, which is like bonding glue. It keeps us coming back for more and more attachment, solidifying the relationship.

Build fun into your relationship, and your partner will feel loved.

Rooting for you!

Sara Freed

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