Couples Therapy, Brooklyn, NY - Should We Divorce?

Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Understand the process of divorce as well as its impact and tradeoffs.

The decision to divorce or not isn’t an easy one – and it shouldn’t be. Taking the time to truly understand the impact it will have on your lives and the lives of your loved ones is incredibly important.

Many people assume a divorce will solve all of their problems, but in reality, it causes brand new ones. Are you ready for this change? We’ll walk down both paths together, considering the impact that each possible decision will have on your life going forward.

And we’ll plan for the transition into the next stage – separation or couples counseling – already starting to build the foundation for the good communication necessary. You’ll learn tools for conflict management, how to handle your “hot buttons,” and productive ways for handling your differences.

When we are done, you will walk away feeling confident that you understand what’s on the other side – whether that’s going through with the divorce or working towards reconciliation – and how to move forward towards a brighter future.

Feel ready for this big decision.

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Sara Freed – Couples Therapy, Monsey, NY

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