“My husband and I were on the verge of divorce after 14 years of marriage and 4 children.

We met Sara after seeing 9 professionals which included; 4 marriage counselors, 2 individual Psychotherapists for me, 1 individual psychotherapist for my husband, 1 addiction therapist for my husband, and a psychiatrist! Most of them gave up on any hope that we can indeed ever make our marriage work – never mind good.

Exasperated, my husband advised that he came upon Sara Freed’s site. He felt this might be the answer but forewarned me that this is our “last shot” at saving our marriage. Lo and behold, after just the first session, we BOTH felt we landed at the right place.

Sara was empathetic and seemed to really get me and my husband. She was friendly, yet firm, and throughout our 15 weeks of seeing her, consistently we felt blessed to have indeed come upon her and the amazing heartfelt work she did with us. She transformed our marriage from hopeless to very good, and we keep growing!


Riki and Yanki K. – New York


“Michal and I came to Sara after we were strongly advised not to enter our second marriage prior to having a good understanding of what possible problems we might encounter due to our baggage we each were bringing to the relationship.

Michal was married for 8 years previously and was coming with 2 children, and I was married for 11 years and had 3 children. We are so glad we met Sara as she so delicately helped us explore what went wrong in our previous relationships and how to indeed blend our families and keep our relationship a priority.

We intend to continue seeing her once our honeymoon is over, and we begin to bring our children home. We feel so lucky to have been wise enough to do the pre-marital work with her as we feel confident knowing we are off to a good start.

Great work, Sara! THANKS!”

Michal and Yitz S. – Monsey, NY


“Sara Freed has amazing insights into couples’ relationships.

Talking to her has helped me focus on small things that have made a BIG difference already in my marriage.

Thank you, Sara!”

DL – Manhattan