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Unlearning Old Habits

Approach your second marriage ready for success.

Experiencing familiar issues? Seeing the same patterns emerge? Feeling worried?

Here’s why: we take ourselves wherever we go. In other words, you brought your own issues into this new relationship, and it’s likely you picked a partner similar (at least in some ways) to your old one.

But don’t panic! History doesn’t have to repeat itself. It is possible to unlearn your old habits and develop new, healthier ones that create a happy home.

Whether things are starting to sour after a few years together or you’re determined to avoid problems from developing in a brand new marriage, you can start turning things around now in marriage coaching.

It’s great if both partners are willing to participate, but it isn’t necessary. When one spouse starts on this path, things will begin to change. Eventually, the other will want to come along for the journey, too!

Lead your second marriage down a path toward lasting happiness.

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Sara Freed, Jewish Marriage Counseling

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