Jewish Second Marriage

In Your Second Marriage

Embrace your marital challenges – new and old.

I finally found the happy marriage I dreamed of, and we’ve blended our families together beautifully. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can!

But not if you approach this new marriage the same way you approached your last one. More of the same will yield exactly that: more of the same!

The key is relationship education. Go into this new marriage with the skills and tools you need to succeed as a couple. Jewish marriage is meant to be filled with harmony. You’re meant to build a home you enjoy dwelling in together.

It’s even more important in a second marriage because you’re likely encountering new challenges together that you didn’t face in your first marriage:

  • Step-parenting
  • Co-parenting with your ex
  • Blending your two families
  • Jealousy issues

Utilizing research-backed coaching techniques as well as the wisdom of Judaism, we’ll build your marriage smarts and create a relationship based on mutual satisfaction, respect, and love.

Bring your best to this marriage.

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Sara Freed, Marriage Counseling in Monsey, NY

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