Jewish Relationship Coach: What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong

Learn from your mistakes to find happiness in your future relationships.

“How dare he!” “You’re right to feel that way!”

It’s likely you’ve discussed what went wrong in your marriage with your friends, your parents, or other family members, and they’ve provided the support you needed, making you feel better during this tough time.

While this kind of help is important, that’s not what you’ll get in coaching with me. I care deeply about my clients, but I’m not your friend. I’m here to provide the tough love you need to explore what your part in things was and keep you from taking those negative behaviors into your next relationship.

Once you better understand what your problems are, you’ll not only be less likely to bring them with you into your next relationship, but also better equipped for coping with them when they arise. This will empower you to not only find love, but build a lasting commitment based on happiness, love, and respect with your next partner.

Let me help you explore and learn.

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Sara Freed, Jewish Relationship Coach

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