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Sara’s Relationship Workshops

Relationship education saves marriages, keeps families together, and creates harmonious homes. Make a difference for your community by booking a workshop today.

My workshops are tailored for the specific audience, which can be a group of women, men, or couples, and offer hands-on tools that participants can implement immediately. I offer dynamic, engaging speeches on a variety of topics relating to couples, relationships and divorce.

I am currently accepting bookings for:

Why Isn’t My Husband Doing What I Want Him To?

Are you and your husband really communicating?  Marriage and couples coach Sara Freed offers a lively 45-minute women-only workshop that will give you some perspective on the age-old man-woman communication gap – and, most importantly, provide actionable tips to use right away to improve your marriage and relationship with your husband.

Other workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Marriage SMARTS for Men, Women, & Couples
  • Learn to Talk Less and Do More
  • Reinventing Yourself after Divorce
  • Stop Working Hard, Start Working SMART on Your Marriage
  • Overcoming Communication Issues
  • Understanding Gender Differences
  • Rebounding from Divorce
  • Raising Happy Children with Your Ex-Spouse
  • Entering the Dating World after Divorce
  • Healing from Infidelity
  • Put a Stop to the Constant Arguing

I’d love to speak to your organization about building happier homes.

Contact me to customize a program for your audience.

Sara Freed, Jewish Relationship Workshops

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