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Why Compromise and Negotiation Are Crucial Skills for Marital Bliss

Even if you’re the most enlightened person in the world, you’re going to have some preconceived notions when you enter into a long-term relationship. Since you’re working as a doctor, clearly your partner will stay home with the kids. Or every year you’ll vacation for two weeks in Hawaii. Or your partner will handle the […]

The Power of Authenticity: Share Who You Are to Strengthen Your Connection

There is one word that never seems to go away during relationship counseling: communication. Sometimes it feels like the only word that exists in relationship counseling. Good communication is the central solution for struggling relationships. If you master it, you can navigate any problem. You can truly achieve marital bliss. However, consider this: a recent […]

Real Love Starts with You

Searching for a real, deep, passionate love? Look to yourself first. We are often so focused on how we interact within our relationship that we forget to think about our love for and relationship with ourselves. This love provides a necessary basis for any external relationships. When you are exploring your relationship with your partner, […]


The Importance of Being on the Same Page with Parenting

This article was originally published in FYI Magazine, the fastest growing home and lifestyle magazine for Jewish women. Does this sound familiar? Your child disobeys in some way or asks for something they knew they aren’t allowed to have. So you correct them or refuse them. And then your husband or wife comes along and […]

The Value of Divorce Mediation

This article was originally published in FYI Magazine, the fastest growing home and lifestyle magazine for Jewish women. When couples are considering divorce, the first step is to work through it. Is there any possibility of saving the relationship? If both people are willing to work and fight for each other, often the marriage doesn’t […]

Unique Wedding Challenges for Second Timers

Anyone who says that wedding planning is easy has not had to do it twice. Sure, you have more experience and have learned a lot from the first time around. You know how early to send the invitations, what to do if the centerpieces arrive a different color than you ordered, and how to create […]

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A Powerful Tool to Help You Get Through Conflicts

Words are powerful. During a fight with your partner, their words may hurt you immensely and stick in your mind for hours, days, or even weeks. And your words have equal power to do harm to your partner. But you can also harness the power of words for good. You can use words to get […]

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Are You a Team or Opponents? A Healthier Way to “Win” an Argument

After a big political debate, what is the first thing we hear about? Who won and who lost. Does a clear winner ever come out though? Depending on what source you listen to or who you talk to, it’s fairly common to hear that both candidates “won” or “lost” the debate. But choosing this “winner” […]

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Why (and How) to Give Your Partner the Benefit of the Doubt

When you’ve been with a partner for a long time, it’s typical to assume you know how they will behave in a particular situation. Or even why they think or do something. Most of the time, acting like you can read your partner’s mind isn’t the worst thing in the world. Your partner may even […]

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What’s Getting in the Way of Your Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. It’s the holiday for taking time to appreciate each other. To count your blessings. To be thankful. According to research, gratitude is a powerful thing. Those who truly feel it have more friends. They’re healthier, happier, less aggressive, and more mentally resilient. And just overall, they feel better […]