Pre-Marital Counseling: The Key to Reducing the Divorce Rate

This article was originally published in FYI Magazine, the fastest growing home and lifestyle magazine for Jewish women. Would you attempt to fly a Boeing 747 airplane without receiving the proper education and instruction? Of course not! It would be a disaster – if you could even get the plane moving. So why would we […]

It’s Not “Too Late” to Save Your Marriage. Divorce Isn’t Going Anywhere!

It’s Not “Too Late” to Save Your Marriage. Divorce Isn’t Going Anywhere!

One spouse wants the other to change a behavior. They ask and ask. They wait and wait. But their spouse doesn’t make the change. Talk about frustrating. And hurtful. But then it happens! The spouse finally comes through. They fulfill their spouse’s request. This is great, right? Is the other person thrilled? Excited? Blissfully happy? […]

The Aftermath of a Figh

Learn How to Handle the Aftermath of a Fight

You probably remember the first big fight you had with your spouse. It was exhausting, disheartening, and even scary. Seeing them at such a high, dark emotional level tore at you. Maybe you felt like all was lost. Started to question why you chose them as your partner. Perhaps you started to wonder if you’d […]

Getting Stuck in the Past

Have any of these situations ever happened to you? You and your spouse argue about an issue that comes up again and again. But suddenly, your spouse relents. They say they will change their ways. And you think, “Yeah, right! It’s never going to happen!” (Maybe you even say so aloud.) A friend suggests how […]

Most Common Misconceptions about the Impact of Divorce on Children

Most Common Misconceptions about the Impact of Divorce on Children

This subject is very close to my heart. I had to navigate these very murky waters with my own children when their father and I divorced. We’ve all heard the common belief that when parents are unhappy together, their kids are also unhappy. By staying together, parents are forcing them to endure painful fights and […]

Monsey Relationship Coach: How Can I Love If I Don’t Feel Loved?

“He never tells me he loves me or shows me that he feels that way. Why should I express my love for him?” This is a common theme among couples, and both men and women do it. I’ve even been guilty of it before! It’s a natural human reaction. We don’t “feel the love” from […]

Monsey marriage coach

Monsey Marriage Coach: Time Heals, but You Can Speed the Process

The pain and suffering caused by the betrayal of a spouse can deeply affect your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Because of this, healing from these wounds doesn’t happen overnight. You may be recovering for weeks, months, or even years, and everyone is different. Part of the healing process is accepting the fact that the […]

stop nagging start helping

Stop Nagging. Start Helping.

Every relationship comes with different responsibilities. Some married couples clearly define what each of them will be doing. Maybe a deal is made where one of them will be the “breadwinner” while the other handles the children and household tasks. Or they have a literal list detailing what each of them will be doing – […]

Marriage Coach: What I Learned on My Recent Vacation (Part 2)

Last week, I began to discuss a few things I learned on my recent vacation to Mont Tremblant, Quebec with my husband. Taking a vacation with your spouse is a great way to reconnect and have some fun together! But it also allows you time to observe and reflect on your marriage and your relationship […]

Marriage Advice: What I Learned on My Recent Vacation (Part 1)

As a marriage, divorce, and relationship coach, I naturally do a lot of introspection in my own marriage. I love to pick up on things that work between my husband and I and pass on marriage advice and what I learn from my own personal experiences to others. Recently, my husband and I took a […]